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Posted Time : 2018/05/30 13:14:35
contactvqvfxb :Dear sir! We send Your commercial offers via follow-up forms to the sites ofcompanies via any domain zones of the world. http://xn----7sbb1bbndheurc1a.xn--p1ai Your commercial offer is sent to email of organization one hundred percent will get to incoming! Test: 10000 messages on foreign zones to your email - twenty dollars. We need from You only email address, title and text of the letter. In our price list there are more 800 databases for all domain zones of the world. Common databases: All Europe 44 countries 60726150 of sites - 1100$ All European Union 28 countries 56752547 of sites- 1000$ All Asia 48 countries 14662004 of sites - 300$ All Africa 50 countries 1594390 of domains - 200$ All North and Central America in 35 countries 7441637 of domain names - 300$ All South America 14 countries 5826884 of domain names - 200$ Enterprises and organizations of RF - 300$ Ukraine 605745 of sites - 5000 RUB. All Russian-speaking countries minus RF are 15 countries and there are 1526797 of domains - 200$ Our databases: WHOIS databases of domain names for all countries of the world. You can purchase our databases separately from newsletter's service at the request. P.S. Pls., do not respond to this message from your email account, as it has been generated automatically and will not get anywhere! Use the contact form from the site http://xn----7sbb1bbndheurc1a.xn--p1ai
Posted Time : 2018/01/12 20:33:28
Ludovic OUATTARA :I would like to explore with you the possibility of creating a business flow between our two companies. Indeed we export various goods to the Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast) West Africa. I wish to be a representative of your products in Africa. Regards, Ludovic OUATTARA
Reply :Hi Ludovic, let's talk by email, my email is sales1@rn-leather.com
Posted Time : 2017/11/28 14:53:35
Francesco Masi :Can you make the bags with our brand name?
Reply :Hi Francesco, Yes, we can do that, please send your design with logo document to my email, sales1@rn-leather.com
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